Due to a less orders of t-shirts and sweatshirts than first anticipated, we unfortunately have to increase prices slightly on merchandise. We are so sorry to inform you that we will have to charge following prices:

T-shirt: 20 Euro

Polo: 25 Euro

Sweatshirts: 32 Euro

We are sorry for the inconvenience but happy to see you soon in Denmark.

Below World championships merchandise is available for sale doing WC 2019. If you want to be sure to acquire items, please make your reservation now and it will be ready for you when you arrive to Denmark.

Polo shirt for men and women price: Euro 25,-


Unisex Premium Polo

Regular T-shirt for men and women price: Euro 20,- 

T shirt

Sweatshirt zipper for men and women price: Euro 32,- 

Bag, price: Euro 10,-



Please order here. Payment upon pickup.

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