All tracking participants IFH and IGP will go to following address: Kreds 70 - Bredstrupvej 56 - 7000 Fredericia. Here the support cars will take the groups to their tracking destination.

At the destination there will be a tracking director responsible for greeting the teammanager and his team. That person will also overlook the draw.

Flag and Articles:

Flag 2

Articles IFH1:

IMG 1409

Articles IFH2:

IMG 1408

Tracking ground IFH

One field are being processed now. The other field is new sawn with rapeseed. Please see picture from today (1st September). All IFH1 tracks will be on similar ground and all IFH2 tracks will be similar too.

Pictures from 15.09.2019


IFH11 15.09.2019 lille

IFH1 15.09.2019 lille2


 IFH2 lille 15.09.2019

In “Kreds 70” it is possible to use lavatory facilities.